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Excellence in Engineered Industrial Ventilation Equipment


Industrial Ventilation Equipment solutions to fit every application

PBS Industries is a market leader in ventilation equipment designed for a wide array of industries. From Aircraft and Oil & Gas, to Woodworking and Metal, PBS Industries is trusted among our customers worldwide for quality products and unmatched service.

Large equipment paintbooth

Modified Downdraft Large Equipment Paint Booth


PBS partners with the best manufacturers who strive to create ventilation equipment that's unmatched in quality, expertise, and precision.



PBS offers a wide variety of products for a variety of industries. We not only offer nationwide consultation and installation for all of our products, you can be assured we will provide top-notch service right from the start. We believe that making sure you're taken care of is job one, so no matter which product you're after you can be sure you'll be well cared for.

Paint Booths

PBS Industries sells and installs a diverse and comprehensive line of industrial ventilation equipment to meet the growing demands of the market place. Whether it's for batch operations or automated production systems, our equipment is built to last with heavy-duty galvanized steel construction and premium components. PBS’s industrial paint booths are fully customizable and can be designed and built in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs.

paint booth illustration
Paint Booths

Dust Collectors

Dust collectors are designed to capture and remove dust and other airborne particles from industrial processes, helping improve air quality, increase worker safety, and reduce equipment maintenance costs.  PBS offers a wide range of dust collectors to meet the needs of various industries and applications including baghouse, cartridge, cyclone, portable options, filters, maintenance and repairs. 


Baghouse Dust Collectors


These collectors use fabric bags to capture and filter dust particles.  They are ideal for high volume dust collection applications in industries such as cement steel and power generation.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

These use cartridge filters to capture dust particles from the air stream.  They are ideal for moderate to high-volume applications in industries such as woodworking, metal working, and abrasive blasting.

dust collector illustration
Dust Collectors

Abrasive Blasting Equipment

PBS offers a wide range of abrasive and shot blasting equipment.  Including specialty equipment like blast rooms, automated systems, blast machines, blast cabinets, and portable blasters. 


Blast equipment is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small portable units to large stationary systems for heavy-duty industrial applications.  

Blast equipment is available in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Small portable units are ideal for onsite blasting.


Blast cabinets designed for precision blasting and finishing of small to medium sized parts.


Large blast systems for heavy duty industrial applications. 


PBS also offers full service repair and maintenance of blasting equipment including accessories and replacement parts to ensure that it’s equipment operates at peak performance.


Sandblasting equipment is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, and metal working, among others.  The company’s equipment is designed to meet the specific requirements of each application, and is backed by a network of trained distributors and service technicians to ensure that customers receive the support they need to keep their equipment running smoothly.

abrasive blasting euqipment illustration
Blasting Equipment

Symach Bodyshop Systems

An Italian company that specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced paint booth systems for the automotive industry.  Known for their high level of efficiency, productivity, and quality, as well as their ability to reduce cycle times and energy consumption. Symach booths feature a modular design that allows for easy customization and expansion to accommodate different production requirements.  They incorporate advanced technologies such as dry paint overspray removal systems, high performance air filtration systems, and advanced curing systems that use infrared radiation to achieve fast and uniform drying. 

Designed with ergonomics and safety in mind.  Featuring state of the art lighting systems that provide optimal visibility for painters, as well as advanced ventilation systems that ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Overall, Symach’s paint booths are a popular choice among automotive manufacturers and body shops that are looking for high performance, energy efficient, and reliable painting solutions.

body shop illustration
Bodyshop Systems

Nationwide Services

Our top of the line products are where we start, but our services are where we stand apart from our competition. Wherever you are, when you decide on one of our ventilation products we will be there every step of the way to ensure you're set up and ready for business.

Nationwide Equipment Installation, Service, Repair, Cleaning & Maintenance

Equipment Relocation

Equipment Renovations and Add-On's


Excellence in Engineered Industrial Ventilation Equipment

Industries Served:

Boats & Watercraft
Cabinet & Furniture
Construction Equipment

Cranes & Winches
Metal Fabricators

Oil & Gas
Truck, Bus, & Motorhomes

About PBS Industries

PBS Industries has been in business for almost 25 years, constructing, servicing, maintaining, and repairing a wide variety of industrial ventilation equipment for a diverse and growing marketplace.

We offer a full product line of performance-based equipment that is built with heavy duty construction and premium UL or ETL listed components. 

PBS is intensely customer-focused and strives to ensure we meet or exceed our customer expectations, regardless of the application or size of job.

We provide excellent lead times, impeccable technical support and customer service that is second to none. Our team of specialists can help you decide the best equipment and features that align with the goals and objectives of each project or needs of your facility. By working with PBS, you are partnering with an industry leader committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Over the years PBS Industries has provided the industry with high quality, reliable paint spray booths and other equipment. Our mission is to not only bring the best quality products, innovative solutions and custom engineered products, but to establish life-long relationships with our customers worldwide. 

When you buy from PBS our relationship does not end at the time of purchase. With installation, startup, service, technical support, product training, and maintenance, PBS Industries is ready when you need us most. 

We deliver more than leading products, we provide the solutions you need to grow your business. We have the knowledge, the capabilities and the team that’s ready to get to work. 

About PBS

Quality products
Unmatched service
Trusted in the industry


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PBS & Spray-Tech Are Joining Forces As Combined Finishing Company

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